Southland Episode
Season 3, Episode 3
Air date January 18, 2011
Written by Jonathan Lisco
Directed by Nelson McCormick
Episode Guide
Punching Water
Code 4

Discretion is the third episode of Season Three of Southland.

Summary Edit

Ben Sherman seeks revenge on his mother's rapist when he is released from prison, but is reprimanded by Sgt. Hill for putting the force at risk when a a complaint is made against him. Lydia Adams and Josie Ochoa clash over a case involving a bloody chainsaw and wonder if they'll be partners any longer. Sammy Bryant deals with his wife's betrayal by staying at Nate Moretta's house and constantly arguing over the phone with her. Russell Clarke asks his old partner for a loan after his wife froze their accounts to protect their marital assets.

Guest Cast Edit

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