Southland Episode
Season 5, Episode 1
Air date Feb. 13, 2013
Written by Jonathan Lisco
Directed by Christopher Chulack
Episode Guide
(Season Four)

"Hats and Bats" is first episode of Season Five of Southland. It originally aired on February 13, 2013. It was written by Jonathan Lisco and directed by Christopher Chulack.


Detective Lydia Adams struggles balancing single motherhood with her newborn baby. Luckily, she has her mother's help since the baby's father (who is married to someone else) isn't in the picture. Officer John Cooper's boyfriend, of sorts, leaves him because Cooper doesn't want the relationship going beyond sex. Officer Sammy Bryant is upset at his ex-wife over the custody battle for their son. When they exchange their son his ex-wife begins secretly recording him and then asks him why he has been drinking alcohol so early in the day.Sammy realizes what she is doing, and challenges her about trying to bait him into hitting her.

Lydia and Ruben's current case is a man who was raped while walking home drunk one night. He won't admit it happened even after watching the tape, partly worried that people will think he wanted it since he didn't fight back. Lydia tricks him into doing a rape kit so the DNA can be used to convict the suspect, by telling the victim his family and girlfriend found out he was raped, not just assaulted.

Officer Ben Sherman gets a medal for bravery. Sammy doesn't seem very happy for him, though. Is it because during that same situation Sammy was injured? Unbeknownst to the department, Sherman attacks a local pimp when he is off duty and the pimp tries to kill Sherman, causing Sammy's injuries. Trainee officer Steele makes it clear that he signed up for the police department because it is by far the best paying job he could get in that area. He's disheartened over how much of the community "hates" the police; a mob that day threw a bottle at their police car setting it on fire. But after a few arguments, Steele seems like he's trying to show Cooper more respect and asks him for advice. Still, Steele seems like he's not liking the job very much.

During his shift, Sammy is at a house of two elderly sisters, where one was murdered. Sammy goes to surviving sister's house after work to check on her. When he discovers the blood wasn't cleaned up and that her family won't be arriving until much later, he spends the night and cleans the blood.

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