Joel Rucker
Rucker infobox
Basic Facts
Age Unknown
Occupation LAPD Police Captain
Rank Captain
Division Alvarado Division
Portrayed By
Carl Lumbly
Joel Rucker, played by Carl Lumbly, is a character in SouthLAnd. He is an LAPD Captain.



Rucker is an LAPD Captain. He worked his way up through the ranks and has a reputation for having being a hard nosed officer in his youth. Sammy Bryant tells Ben Sherman Rucker was his sergeant in CRASH.

Season 4Edit

He is assigned to command a district of the LAPD. Police Officer III Sammy Bryant and Police Officer II Ben Sherman are under his command.


Memorable QuotesEdit


Season four appearances
Wednesday Underwater Community Identity
Legacy Integrity Check Fallout Episode 8
Episode 9 Episode 10

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